During the time that Brainchild existed, the one Youngstown band that pushed our buttons and kept us focused on developing our own unique identity was Glass Harp. Our long-time friends John Sferra, Dan Pecchio & Phil Keaggy have sent us their best wishes and communicated their plans to re-connect while we're back in the Youngstown area. You can learn more about Glass Harp's truly extraordinary work over the years by clicking here.

Not long after Brainchild broke up, Ronnie Lee found his way to the Youngstown-based group called LAW. You can learn more about Ronnie's time with LAW by clicking here.

For decades, Peppermint Productions has been a mainstay of musical dreams for Youngstown-area musicians. Brainchild, along with dozens of local bands, recorded demo tapes at Peppermint (see John Grazier's bio for details). When we decided to do this reunion we received a good deal of help from our old friend at Peppermint, Gary Rhamy. To learn more about this musical institution in Youngstown, click here.

Many former Brainchild members have accumulated a vast array of musical accomplishments over the ensuing years. If you'd like to know more about what each band member has done in the music business, use his name to search this site.

When we decided to do a Youngstown reunion date we immediately connected with our two most veteran roadies, Frank Yazbek and Denny Bella. Bella joined Brainchild at the outset and quickly assumed responsibilities as our sound technician. He played a major role in building our huge (at the time, mind you) PA system and helped to push and pull us onto the "professional" track we eventually pursued. These days, Denny is a CPA in Canfield, Ohio, and has become literally invaluable to our reunion planning. You can visit his web site by clicking here.

During Brainchild's day, B.E. Taylor was not only a strong and popular band from the greater Pittsburgh area, but also the name of the group's lead singer and "front man." Brainchild and B.E. Taylor (the group) shared many venues, traveled some of the same performance circuits, and developed a healthy, mutual musical respect. Thirty years later, B.E. Taylor (the performer) is bigger and better than ever! To learn more about this gifted musical talent and long-time Brainchild friend, click here.

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