It is my hope that my words pay the respect and praise that is necessary, in honor of this amazing event.  The First Annual Bands and Friends Concert was, without question, a great day, and a remarkable tribute to my brother Odie.  The entire weekend was a great success and filled with very memorable moments for my family.  Our deepest admiration and heartfelt appreciation is extended to this non-profit organization.  It was a privilege to have the opportunity to interact with these very unique and special people.  The venue, B&B Backstage, was perfect and the music extraordinaire.  A special thanks is extended from our family to all the businesses and individuals that participated.

    The day began with a bike run, and appropriately, a roar of engines as excitement filled the early afternoon.  The music enhanced our souls, as it pounded from the stage.  Dear friends and followers of music, entered to celebrate this special occasion.  The bands, musicians, and volunteers, performed on an uncanny level as my family's emotions were soaring high.  Every pat on the back, every glance into our eyes, pierced our hearts with joy.  When you are faced with the harsh realities of troubled times, the prayers, hugs, and kisses from your fellowmen, give you the strength to carry on.  We, the Crook family, thank you and love you.

    On a personal note, the evening was coming to a close, Brainchild was onstage, and the finality of the day was on me.  Though I am a man of strong conviction and uneasy with the display of emotion, tears began to well up in my eyes.  Then, I felt the strong arms of my two nephews, the next generation of my family, comforting me with their love.  I turned to look up at the throng of people, and a gentle mist of rain fell upon my face.  This moment allowed me the freedom to view my family, my friends, and fellow lovers of music, enjoying the evening.  This fleeting moment will be cherished and discussed with my family for generations to come.  It is imperative that we thank Frank Yazbek (my brother), and the entire committee.  It was a great venue, fabulous talent, and the beginning of a tradition that will last for years to come.  And, as my mother (Mojo) used to say, "this too, shall come to pass".

Thanks from the entire Crook family


Denny Crook