Rick Young joined Brainchild in 1972 at the request of Buzz Fay. Rick took over Frank Yazbek's duties on stage (when Frank returned to high school), drove truck and maintained Larry Paxton's guitars. Rick remained with the band through its final performance on New Years Eve, 1972.

After Brainchild, Rick moved to Ft. Lauderdale, FL, where he lived until he received a call to return to Youngstown as stage manager for the soon-to-be-opened State Theater (which later became The Tomorrow Club). During this period, he got serious about his own music, playing in several local bands until he went on the road in 1976.

Touring for the next eight years, Rick played all over the country. While performing in Los Angeles in 1978, he stayed with Larry Paxton and his wife on nights off, also attending recording sessions that Larry played on -- and one that Bill Bodine produced. While playing in Pittsburgh in the eighties, Dave Freeland would ask Rick to lay down guitar tracks on some of Dave's original songs.

Coming off the road in 1984, Rick returned to playing locally out of Youngstown. However, in 1996 he was flown to Phoenix, AZ to record a blues album, and in 2000, with the band "Binder," he went to Minneapolis to record an album, co-writing the majority of the material. Rick currently performs with the band "Special Forces," who he's been with for 17 years. He's also working with members Youngstown's "Human Beinz" on original material.

In addition to his longstanding work as a musician, Rick Young currently oversees a small engine repair business. Through all the craziness, he's managed to have two great kids: Stephen, age 14, and Nick, age 10. His soul mate currently, and hopefully forever, is Vickie Miranda.

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