Larry Cavender joined Brainchild in 1972. While working as part of the stage crew, Larry helped arrange the stage, set up equipment and keep an eye on the show for any problems that arose while the band was performing. Larry got his nickname (Duel Feed) from Frank Yasbek (AKA Golden Boy) because of the carburetor Larry used on his race car. He remained with Brainchild through their final performance, and not long afterward, took a job working for a local Youngstown band called Poobah. While doing the same basic crew work for them, he got involved in setting up and handling Poobah's lighting production. After one year with Poobah, Larry left the rock and roll business.

Between 1973 and 1976 Larry went from job to job, mostly as a fuel jockey at the 76 Truck Stop in Austintown, Ohio. While working there he met a fellow employee, Sharon Taylor, whom he married in 1977.

In March 1976, Larry took a job at Bliss Manufacturing, an automotive stamping plant in Austintown. Working his way up, over 24 years, he became the first shift supervisor, in charge of purchasing and scheduling. In March 2000, however, the plant closed and Larry moved on to Hamlin Steel Products in Akron, Ohio, where he is currently senior supervisor.

Larry and his wife, Sharon, have two children -- Charity, born in 1980, and Jeremy, born in 1983. In May 2001 Charity and her husband, Tim, had a son, Owen, making Larry and Sharon proud grandparents. Larry and Sharon are still married after 24 years and living in Austintown.

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