John Grazier - Nashville, TN 1999John Grazier was born in Youngstown, OH, September 24, 1947 and attended Penhale Elementary School and Memorial High School in Campbell, OH. His musical talents got him accepted at The Dana School of Music at Youngstown State University. His musical career while in the Youngstown area included work with Johnny & the Hi-Fi's (1964-1966), Sounds Unlimited (1966-1967), the Insights (1967-1969), and eventually to Brainchild (1969-1970).

After leaving Brainchild, John joined Gary Rhamy and John Busch at Peppermint Productions in 1972, a production and recording facility in Youngstown, OH. During the next three years they worked with practically every band in the area, securing major label deals for Blue Ash (Mercury) and Left-End (Polydor). His most successful production, however, was the birth of his son John David, on November 8, 1973.

Grazier eventually moved to Nashville in 1978 and began working as a recording musician, arranger and songwriter. He worked closely with The Flying Alligator Band (1978/1986) and Bobby Goldsboro (1989/1991), as well as numerous other talented performers including Brenda Lee, Roy Clark and J.D. Summer and The Stamps. John's original songs have been recorded by such artists as Wilson Pickett, John Conlee, Bill Medley, Bonnie Nelson, Denise La Salle, and a host of others you've never heard of. Following 20 years in Nashville, John eventually departed the music business in 1998.

John Grazier married New York City native, Susan Fisher, in 1984 and they currently reside in Nashville, TN. Their stability comes from VF (Vanity Fair ) Corporation, where John is the Supervisor in Active Processing, and CNA Insurance, where Susan is an Operations Manager.

John's favourite moments include working with President Jimmy Carter, Roy Acuff, the Insights, Brainchild, co-producing Blue Ash albums, marrying Susan and constantly being proud of his son, John. Both John Grazier and Michael Jordan retired in 1999 -- and both make comebacks in 2002!

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