Joe Pizzulo, born June 15th, 1951, was raised in the Brier Hill section of Youngstown, OH. Joe's first exposure to music and singing came while attending St. Anthony's grade school in the early 1960s. At the age of seventeen, while attending Ursuline High School, he joined his first band, Roadshow. In early winter of 1969, Joe, Danny Marshall and Larry Paxton from Roadshow teamed with Bill Bodine of the Citations, John Grazier of the Insights, and Ronnie Lee of The Ronnie Lee Thing to form Brainchild.

On January 3, 1974, Joe and good friend Bill Bodine packed up their belongings and headed for California. By February 1975, Joe was working with his first California band, White Licorice. In 1979 he got his first real break touring as a background singer for Alice Cooper.

By 1980, Joe was working live shows with comedian Martin Mull. In 1982 he was hired as a regular for the pre-recordings of the television show, Solid Gold, and later that fall, began concert work with Suzanne Sommers. He also did a television special from Mannheim, Germany for CBS.

In February of 1983, Joe recorded "Never Gonna Let You Go" with Sergio Mendes. Appearances on "The Tonight Show" with Johnny Carson, "The Merv Griffin Show," "Solid Gold" and others helped propel the song to #4 in the country. During this time, he signed a solo contract with A&M records and his studio career began to take off. He was called often to record national commercials, television theme songs, film scores and records.

In 1985, Joe married Laurie Brandalise, a successful advertising writer from New York City. They live in California's San Fernando Valley with their two children, Giuliano (age 15) and Sophia (age 12). Both children attend the Oakwood School in North Hollywood, and both have inherited the music gene from their dad. Giuliano, a gifted guitar player and song writer, is currently in a band called Linear A, with Billy Bodine. Sophia, a talented singer already doing session work on commercials such as "Barbie," also displays an amazing talent for poetry.

In 1989, along with his good friend and partner Gary Falcone, Joe founded "Salami Studios." Working in both audio and video post-production specializing in animation, their current clients include Columbia Tri Star, Warner Brothers., Universal Cartoon Co., Nickelodeon, Hanna Barbera, and Mike Young Productions. Joe is also a partner and featured male vocalist in the personalized song company, "PS I Love You." The company is also a content provider for web-based businesses.

Since leaving Brainchild, Joe Pizzulo has completed numerous album projects while singing on more than two dozen national commercials and appearing in or singing behind almost three dozen film and television projects. In the coming months, Joe intends to re-connect with his original passion and find a regular outlet for singing and creating music while continuing session work and managing his business interests.

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