Joel {Odie} Crook started singing in 1968. He began with The Soulsations, originally called The Dantes and that same band eventually became Left End. After about two years into that group, he was asked to join BRAINCHILD, and to be a part of, what at the time, was the finest group of musicians to be assembled in Youngstown. After Brainchild decided to disband, he joined the group Talisman, which was very short lived, but never the less still very talented. The next group was a ten piece horn band, The LAWRENCE BROTHERS. It was a very talented group, but lacked funds to continue with so many members. So Odie decided to cut the next group down to an 8 piece horn band, Called MOJO, which was his mothers nick-name. Odie and some friends started a group called YOU AND I, during the Disco craze. That group lasted about as long as Disco did. Right around then he decided to take a break from music. Then in 1989 he married his wife, the former Andrea M. Pesta. They started a 3 piece band together, and in 1990, the greatest soloist in the world was born, his son and his life, Adam Crook. Since Adam was born Odie joined one more band, A.R.B. That was his final musical appearance. Odie thinks his next venture will be working in a group with his son, and hopes Adam will let him be roadie! And that is the music life of Odie Crook.

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