I began my roadie career working with Tom Behnke setting up equipment for the band "Volume Four," which later became "The New Hudson Exit." When the Exit broke up I worked for the Piccadilly Light Show. Some time later, Tom and Dennis Bella hired me to help them set up equipment for their new band, "Brainchild." When Tom left, the band hired me to do equipment set ups and sound checks. Later, when Odie Crook joined the band as its new singer, he brought with him an old friend of mine, Frank Yazbek. Frank was a very welcome addition, because by this time the band had a wall of equipment about eight feet high that Bella and I handled all on our own. If I remember correctly, Bill Bodine himself had 12 amplifier speaker bottoms and four brains!

I worked for Brainchild for a long time, but I left before the band broke up to take a job as a steelworker in the Youngstown Sheet and Tube blast furnace. During this time (the mid-1970s) a good friend of mine and Frank's opened "The Tomorrow Club" in downtown Youngstown (it later became an "Agora Club"), where Frank and I helped remodel and set up for various bands that played there.

After the fall of Youngstown's steel industry in the latter years of the 1970s I relocated, first to Phoenix, Arizona and later to Chicago, Illinois, where I held various jobs. I eventually moved to LaCrosse, Wisconsin, my mother's hometown, so that I could be closer to my family.

Presently, I work for Kwik Trip convenience stores in LaCrosse as a Bakery Production Supervisor. I've been married for five years to my wife, Kristine -- a store auditor for Kwik Trip. We have three children: Nicole (18), who is a freshman at Viterbo University in LaCrosse studying teaching; Ian (9), a second grader who excels in art and sports; and Megan (2).

The experiences and friendships I built during my time with Brainchild have remained the best of my life. I am very excited to join my old friends for this reunion.

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