Frank Yazbek, alias "Golden Boy" was a favorite Roadie of the band! In the early seventies, his position with Brainchild was that of damage control. Frank repaired and rebuilt all the instruments used by Brainchild, unloaded and loaded the equipment and set the stage for the gigs. Frank was an overall "go-fer" for Brainchild, and to this day looks back on his days with the band fondly!

Yazbek married his high school sweetheart, Linda DePaola in 1976. The love of Frank's life - their daughter Franquie -- was born in August of 1987. Franquie is now a freshman at Canfield High School, where she is an excellent athlete in baseball and basketball, making her Daddy proud! After years living in Austintown, Ohio, the Yazbek's now make their home in Canfield.

With encouragement from the members of Brainchild, Frank continued his high school education and eventually obtained a job at The Youngstown Sheet and Tube in 1973. During his time with Sheet & Tube, Frank remodeled The Tomorrow Club in downtown Youngstown. He went on to work the stage for acts such as Barnstorm, Earth Wind & Fire, The Tubes, and The Michael Stanley Band during the club's heyday. After the fall of the Steel Industry in Youngstown, Frank and his wife moved to California, but they longed to return to Ohio to be close to their families and friends. Yazbek's desire to stay involved with electronics led to his eventual employment with cable television as this new industry developed in the eighties. For the last sixteen years Frank has been a loyal employee to Bridgeford Foods, where he developed and heads up his own regional territory within.

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